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Have you ever been fully aware you were dreaming while you were dreaming? Have you ever had full control of that dream to the point you were able to fly or move things with your mind? If so then chances are you’ve had a lucid dream. This story is about a young man named Michael Miller who embarks on a journey to not only control his dreams but also his fears. Will he succumb to his nightmares or will he overcome them and gain total lucidity?

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                      Lucidity Official Trailer

Lucidity Episode 1. Life is but a dream: Michael Miller is a young man trying to find his place in the world, but continuous mysterious nightmares are not making that easy. What do they mean...and what do these dream figures want from him?

Lucidity Episode 2. All work, no play: Exhausted after a night of nightmares Michael has to revisit another nightmare, his job. But things take a turn when he clocks out.

Lucidity Episode 3. Into the fire: Michael finds him self in some very heated situations in the real world...and other worlds as well.

Lucidity Episode 4. The Darkness: After a terrifying nightmare Elijah brings some calmness to Michael to ease the storms of his mind.

Lucidity Episode 5. Sweet Dreams: Michael finds that Elijah's dreamcatcher has a few amazing tricks up it's webs. Oh what dreams may come...

Lucidity Episode 6. The Void: Zyaire gives Michael a lesson on the true power of his mind and the dark places that hide behind it.


            Hear's where you come in!

Like what you've seen? Here's how you can help Lucidity! By night I’m a comic book artist/writer and film maker but by day I’m just a mild-mannered dude who works a 9 to 5. Lucidity is paid for out of my own pockets. Which means not only am I paying the bills but I’m paying for my dream as well. It’s an expensive labor of love! I know we are in hard times but if you are able to donate anything, then it would be greatly appreciated. If you're unable to donate then simply sharing this site helps a lot as well! Thank you for taking time to check out Lucidity!

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   Lucidity wins BIG at the New Jersey Web Series Festival for outstanding animation and best Fantasy.

Vox: Are you sleeping podcast interview about Lucidity

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